Windows Starter Edition Limitations

By Deane Barker on June 5, 2005

Windows XP: The featured article over at Wikipedia today was on Windows XP, and it included this bit explaining what limitations are contained in Windows XP Starter Edition — the Windows version for developing countries (launched in India two days ago).

[…] display resolution can only be up to 800 x 600 pixels, only three applications may be run at the same time, any application may have no more than three windows open, PC-to-PC home networking and printer sharing is not available and only a single user account is allowed.

Um, sounds sucky. But here’s the rationale for it.

It is seen as an effort to fight unauthorized copying of Windows XP, and also to counter the spread of the open-source Linux operating system which has been gaining popularity in Asia and South America.



  1. Let’s see; I’m in Asia, and I have the choice between a pirated copy of Windows XP (with full functionality) and a legal – but severely hobbled – copy of Starter Edition. Which will I pick?

    Besides that, how long will it be until someone figures out how to get around the limitations? Someone has already figured out how to get an XP Pro installation from XP Home…

    Either way, I don’t see how this could be a good idea.

  2. yeh cant you just imagine windows trying to overtake the linux market? or the ‘free OS’? personally, i prefer my ‘free’ copy of XP..

  3. This is pure shit. anybody will prefer Pirated windows XP copy over handicapped version of windows.


  4. Hi 2 all!!! I’m in Brasil and Win XPSE is here sinde april/04 and this is shit. I prefer LInux always. Some distros (like Kurumim), are easy to use and configure, and much better what Win XPSE….

  5. For someone who needs a fully legal licence of M$ Window$ I would pick the cheaper one.

    I -KNOW- it simply SUCKS and STINKS I would prefer XP Pro but it costs too much. I’d pick it for a secound machine and run linux on the first machine :)

    As simply as that. They’re walking right into the beak of the penguin

  6. i see this as an insult to developing countries… invest money in making a crippled version of windows instead of selling Windows xp for a lower price (Windows wouldn’t have to spend any money). M$ sucks.

  7. Is anyone using Microsoft Starter Edition.. Is it even not possible to ping another computer… This is NO GOOD MATE… Any solutions Or suggestions to enable sharing using Microsft Starter Edition.. Thank you in advance Regards Matthew

  8. Hi i want know how to Transformation my Windows XP home Edition into a limited Windows XP Starter Edtion. I have remove system restore, Bluetooth, remote assistance, remote desktop, peer to peer, home networking, netmeeting, movie maker, useraccount cpl, shared maps, ms client network, and pinball, joystick, and all dos utility system32?

  9. More information about my project XP Starter Edition on webform http;//unasked .com/question/view/id/124549 XP Starter is a lite variant of Home Editioni, it would be no luxury, but you can told something good about Windows XP Starter, the advantage of XP Starter is remove System Restore, or shared folders, remove remote assistance,remove terminl server, remove peer to peer, have singel useraccount, not share printer on network. But the worst of XP Starter Edition is you can only run once up a time for Christmas tree applications at same time!

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