The Israeli Industrial Espionage Scandal

By Deane Barker on June 3, 2005

Computer spy scandal rocks Israel’s business community: A hacking scandal is unfolding in Israel involving such salacious elements as an unpublished novel, a bitter divorce, personal defamation, and industrial espionage. Good read.

The virus allowed the person to control the computer, make changes to its programs, monitor everything it contained and raid it for information — all without leaving any hint of the virus’s existence.

Investigators also discovered that the same person had sold the “Trojan Horse” to three of Israel’s largest private investigation companies, which used it to illegally collect data for their corporate clients.

[…] Last week’s arrests included executives from a major satellite television company, suspected of spying on a cable television rival; two cell phone companies suspected of eavesdropping on a mutual rival; and the Israeli importer of Volvos and Hondas, which is suspected of spying on the company that imports Audis and Volkswagens.