XXX Domains Coming

By Deane Barker on June 1, 2005

Porn-friendly ‘.xxx’ domains approved: Provided they can get buy-in from the site operators, this is probably a good idea. It would give filtering software something concrete to test against.

Pornographers and their customers soon will have a virtual red light district reserved just for them.

The nonprofit organization responsible for Internet addresses on Wednesday approved “.xxx” domains

The key is in the level of adoption. The worst thing they could do here is price these domains unrealistically. The article quotes $75, which seems reasonable.



  1. I think you’re wrong, Deane. The “worst” that could happen would be some ridiculous law set down by a politico that would attempt to force all porn operators to exist in the .xxx TLD. (Then again, I might like to be there when he/she is completely surprised when makes it past braindead filtering software – I could sell tickets.)

  2. $75 for a TLD? Get real. Having worked in the internet pr0n industry, I can tell you that only a handful of people — those making more money than God — will even bother. The little mom-and-pop pr0n houses will continue to register their domains with less-expensive TLDs such as .com, .net, .org, etc.

  3. Agree with Bob. $75 for a domain. No chance … except for only the best…,, etc…After that, is no better than New domain extensions are just another way to make money. The majors…. com, net, org, edu, gov will be the only significant domain names for some time…

  4. Thanks for the post about .xxx I’ve written about some Domains I think ICANN should approve. If you have time, it might make you laugh. Hope so. Thanks again. Rand

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