Hybrid Financial Analysis

By Deane Barker on June 1, 2005

Cost savings may not offset higher price for hybrids: Gas-electric hybrids are expensive, but you get all that money back in gas savings, right? Well, probably not.

The study, the latest on break-even points of hybrid cars, shows that in most cases, an owner would have to drive a hybrid tens of thousands of extra miles a year or gasoline would have to hit stratospheric levels to reach a break-even point with a comparable gas-powered model.

[…] When compared with the smaller, gas-thrifty conventional Corolla, the Prius wouldn’t equal the five-year costs unless it were driven 66,500 miles a year or gas reached $10.10 a gallon.

Depressing. But the prices will come down, I’m sure.



  1. Remember that some people buy them for low emissions and fule conservation not so much to save at the pump.

    Besides, if the extra 4,000 dollars is spread into my monthly car payment it does’nt hurt as much as dropping 25 dollars every other day to fill up. Even if in the end it did’nt add up.


  2. Now that gas is reaching $3.00 a gallon, I feel much better driving my Prius and filling up for about $30. I get at least 42 to 67 miles per gallon. Much better then my 2002 Silverdo 4 wheel drive. I put $75 worth of gas in the tank and go one-third to one-fourth as far as my Prius. I live in the mountains in Northern California. When we have a clear day, I can see the Coast Range from my home in the Sierras. That only happens in the winter after a really hard rain. Prius is a clean air vechicle. For those of you old enough, do you remember what that means?

    How about clean air. Anyone care to breath?

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