Ring Ding Ding

By on June 1, 2005

Some folks will tell you that, compared to the great capitals of Europe, American culture is crude and basic, lacking any true style.

I have two words for those folks: Crazy Frog.

The Crazy Frog started out as a dude imitating a two-stroke engine. It hit the net, and then someone else used it as the soundtrack for an animation of a wierd frog-looking thing riding an imaginary motorcycle.

Jamba (aka Jamster here in the US) licensed the noise and the frog for ringtones, and it’s now taking over Britain and much of Europe.

It’s also the top single in the UK charts, and not the top ringtone. The top music single, in the form of a dance remix.

Take that, culture.



  1. crazy frog is the most annoying thing on the planet

    it has the most annoying commercials on TV, the most annoying web ads and I assume it is the most annoying ringtone (never heard it .. and I hope I never will)

    when i first heard that dude who recorded it i found it really funny. but now after all this commercialisation, every time i hear it i get instantly annoyed/irritated/wanna kill!!!

    i wish i had a chainsaw to completely destroy all tvs playing the commercial. every pc showing that extremely annoying/noisy ad and every mobile that rings like diinng diiing diiiiing. that would bring a lot of joy in my life…

    crazy frog is even worse than pigeons!

  2. go on google and seach for i hate that frog click on the first crazy frog ringtone one and you will be able to shoot him

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