By on May 31, 2005

I heard a radio news spot about Daktronics (of Brookings, South Dakota) and how they are making it easier for high schools and small colleges to put up glitzy online live stats — a la ESPN — for their sports programs using DakStats.

South Dakota Public Broadcasting used DakStats during last season’s state basketball championships for a “Live Scoreboard”, which showed individual & team stats and a diagram of the court showing each shot. That proved to be very popular; 20,000 visitors over the three day tournament. Not bad for a state that has a total population of around 800,000.

I wonder what the next iteration of this technology will be; an RFID chip in each player and the ball, with a system to track who is where and display a real-time CG ball game for internet viewers? Who knows?



  1. Patent that, Dave, only like this: You can watch the NBA Finals game on your XBox via your copy of NBA 2006, rotating the game to see any angle, etc.

    Even better, it has a ‘Tivo’ style function, where you can stop the game or rewind it to any point, then play the game as a video game from that point with your buddies. “What would happen if he hadn’t fouled out before he could shoot that last three? Let’s find out”.

    I honestly don’t understand why noone’s tried that yet. Golf is even better suited to that. I could play as a virtual player paired up with Tiger as he plays his round of the Masters. Auto racing would be another good one.

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