By Deane Barker on May 31, 2005

iRobot – Robots for the Real World: iRobot is the company that makes the PackBot. Their site is interesting — everything from the Roomba vacuum cleaner to the R-Gator (watch the video).

Swarm, an R & D project, sounds scary:

The goal of the project is to develop distributed algorithms for robotic swarms composed of hundreds of individual robots. Programs for individual robots need to be robust to complex real-world environments, and the group software needs to be tolerant to the addition or failure of any number of individuals. Our algorithms are designed to be completely scaleable, and to function with groups of 10 or groups of 10,000. Our development platform is the world’s largest swarm, with over one hundred individual robots.

They’re hiring. Found via this CNN article.



  1. These won’t seem to scary in five years, when they’re mowing my lawn and cleaning up after the dog while I sun myself on the back porch with a glass of iced tea.

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