They Don’t Teach That in Business School

By Deane Barker on May 31, 2005

Stanford rejects hacker applicants: As near as I can tell, these people didn’t do any “hacking,” per se. They just put their ID numbers into a querystring argument. You’d have to be pretty loose with the term to call that “hacking.”

Admissions sites of at least six schools were accessed by applicants for about 10 hours in early March after a hacker posted instructions in a BusinessWeek Online forum.

The instructions told people to log onto their admissions Web page and find their identification numbers in source material that was available on the site. By plugging those numbers into another Web page address, they were directed to a page where their admissions decision would be found.



  1. Exactly. They’re embarrassed that their admissions system was horribly insecure, so they reject these applicants and say they “hacked” the system because most people wouldn’t know the difference.

    So far no one has answered the question of why, if the decision has already been made, should it not be disclosed to the student?

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