Friggin’ Sweet

By Deane Barker on May 31, 2005

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Photo Gallery (Liger): I found this on Snopes this morning. I bet this Liger has gone off some sweet jumps. According to the Wikipedia article, here’s why Ligers are so big:

Ligers grow much larger than tigers or lions and it is believed this is because female lions transmit a growth-inhibiting gene to their descendants to balance the growth-promoting gene transmitted by male lions (this gene is due to competitive mating strategies in lions).

Being the offspring of a male lion and female tiger, the liger inherits the growth-promoting gene, but does not have the growth-inhibiting gene and typically grows larger than either animal; this is called Growth dysplasia.



  1. When I become an evil overlord, I will train these bad boys as guards for my stronghold. Nobody wants to mess with an animal the size of a bear, only faster and with bigger teeth and claws.

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