By Deane Barker on May 30, 2005

BitLord – The Ultimate BitTorrent Downloader: I’m not a BitTorrent ninja. I barely have a grasp on how the system works. Consequently, up until now, I’ve been using the standard BitTorrent client — the one written by Bram Cohen.

I tried a different client today — BitLord — and I’m awfully impressed with it. It appears to be written in .Net, and it’s as professional an app as I’ve ever seen. Very clean, very well laid out, and full of handy options.

Two things have made my life easier:

  • As I wrote in a prior post, most of the links from the new BitTorrent search engine came up as “Problem connecting to tracker.” I thought this was the kiss of death for a download, but it turns out you just need to be patient and let the client keep trying.

    With the original BitTorrent client, this was hard because the error dialog would pop up, and I think it was modal — I believe that the client blocked in the background while this window was up. So I had to sit and watch it, and click away the window when it appeared.

    BitLord is much more sensible — it just keeps trying without telling you about it. Sure enough, after a few minutes, the client connected to the tracker and we were in good shape.

  • BitLord also deciphers the file (“the file” — what is the official name of the .torrent file, anyway? Does anyone know?) and tells you a bunch of information about what you’re trying to connect to — including the URL of the tracker.

    This helped me this morning because I noticed I was trying to connect to a tracker at, which used to be, and — by the looks of the Go Daddy coming soon page at that address — is permanently offline. Thus, I knew that one was never gonna connect.

If you have any other good BitTorrent clients out there, please speak up. And, again, let me apologize for the fact that I may very well have no idea what I’m talking about here. I know as much about BitTorrent as I do about women, sadly.

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  1. Today I was introduced to the somewhat funny phenomenon of a bunch of people with almost all of a file, but not the last piece.

    I was downloading, and with BitLord you can see the peers — who you’re downloading from. I noticed there were about a dozen peers with 96.7% of the file. I didn’t think much of it…until I got to 96.7% and stopped as well. That’s when I realized that whomever had the last 3.3% of the file was no longer online, leaving all of us sitting around with a useless bunch of bits.


  2. BitLord isn’t written in .NET, just regular plain C++. And you should try BitComet first. BitLord looks like fake BitComet, I think it simply stole BitComet GUI.

  3. I do see many BitComet users. You could also try Azureus, the Java application. Lots of settings, plenty of control over each file, and an abundance of information to track what’s happening. I’ve used it daily for most of this year and while using it I have never felt the urge to throw my computer across the room or to bite it, not once.

  4. As mentioned Azureus is really good especially when you add in the RSS plugin which will automatically download “things” following your rules.

    Another client I have had good luck with is ABC.

  5. Yep BitLord rocks. Been using it for well over 2 months now and never had any problems with it, the lastest version 1.1 fixed some small stuff too. I have even gone over to using the web browser in the program for surfing at times :p

  6. The biggest problem with torrents is you cannot always do anything with incomplete files ( if it’s a movie the part missing may be unwanted credits). Why are formats like .bin, .cue, .rar, etc used? They are no smaller than the original .mpeg, .avi. At least with those you could work with the part of the file you have downloaded. Not totally complaining though. BitTorrent is miles better than Kazaa, Areslite, Winmx, etc

  7. I think Bittorrent downloads the file randomly, so if you only have part of it (even 99.9999% of it), you essentially have none of it. I don’t think the download is sequential.

  8. I downloaded and installed Bitlord 1.1 a few days ago……….. Am I right to distrust the total download speed? It seems to be far more than the sum of the individual ones (even allowing for the fact it only shows whole Kb/sec)

  9. Hate to keep on…………………..but, yes it isn’t sequential, so you do have to check which 0.0001% of the file is missing with avi and mpeg downloads but there’s still a chance you can use it; and if there’s no sample included you can check the quality of the recording before you waste time downloading the whole file if it’s poor..

  10. hi, i have been an avid user of bit torrent and i have to say that the best client I have used so far is Azureus. I tried quite a few other clients, but none of them can satisfy as what azureus did. I have not however tried bitlord (i came to know about it while i was here anyway). Will give it a try and see how it goes…

    One bad thing about Azureus is that it runs on Java platform. Meaning to say that it takes up more resources than any other bittorrent client.

    Cheers :)

  11. I personally feel that Azureus is the best BitTorrent application out there. For better or for worse, it doesn’t have the WinXP look and feel because it’s written in Java. If you can stand that — it’s rock solid, has tons of statistics, and is the most fully configurable client I’ve come across.

    If still prefer BitLord to Azureus you’d probably be better off with BitTornado, which is updated more frequently and more mainstream.

  12. I’m a new kid on the block when it comes to torrents in general. I downloaded Bitlord a few days ago and at first it seemed great compared to the standard BitTorrent downloader but then my KB/s Dn speed slowed right down to 2 then to 0! But the KB/s Up is up at around 16? Is this because the peer I’m downloading from has a slow connection? Because I’m running ADSL. Can anyone help me out? Thanks

  13. Hi Torrentnewbie..

    I have the same problem as you.. I am also running ADSL, with a speed of: UP/DL, 512/1024 kbit/s. But my Bitlord is not running fast at all.. What can I do to speed up my Bitlord download.. My friend has the same ADSL connection, and he uses a Bittornado by Bram Cohen. He normaly has a download rate of 100 – 120 Kb/s.. What can I do to get a great download rate in Bitlord?? Because I would like to keep Bitlord as my torrenttracker, because it has more details as a normaly bittorrent tracker.. Thanks in advance fore your answers!

  14. I am also a newbie when it comes to using torrent downloading programs. I have a broadband 128kbs connection and I have been using BitComet for a few days but I have a rather peculiar problem. While I am busy downloading my PC(laptop) without warning and totally random freezes and I have to restart!

    can anyone tell me why this is and if I should use a different programme such as bitlord or azureus?

  15. Kellogs I’ve got the same problem when I use Azureus. I love the program but i go blue screen randomly (I blue screened the first time I made this reply). I get two errors – ‘driver irlq (or something) not less or equal’ and ‘bad pool caller’. Anyone have any ideas? I had this happen with ABC after months of using it, and after that one time couldn’t get the program to restart, even after I reinstalled it, tried an updated version, etc. On another note, I’ve just installed Bitlord and am giving it a try. So far my download speed averages about 60-70kb and gone up to 100kb, which isn’t bad. My upload speed is actually higher than usual (40kb). If I don’t crash, then I’ll probably stick with the prog. I like that it gives more detailed information on the torrent, and also, though I haven’t tried this, it seems you can download only parts of a torrent file, which I don’t think I could do on Azureus.

  16. If anyone is using a wireless router for their computer that is running bittorrent, you must forward the ports on the router to your computer. Bittorrent uses certain ports that will be blocked and slowed by the router by default. try to forward your ports.

  17. I use Azureus, and it is good. I don’t really know how good though because it is the only one I’ve used so far. My problem is that I am at a university and I don’t have access to the router. This means that I download at about 1 Kb/s. Yup, That sucks. I know other people with other clients and they have the same problem.

  18. i use azures and until very recently its been going great, now im gettnig warning and error messages every 2 minuets they read

    Warning UPnP mapping Incomping peer data port TCP/21 has been reserved by || pleas eselcect a different port

    Error UpnP: Mapping ‘Distributed DB (UDP/80)’ failed

    Error UpnP mapping ‘incoming peer data port TCP/80 failed

    ive tried using ports 80, 21, and all ports from 6881-6889 does anyone know whats wrong ? also the torrent files dont download near as fast as they did before

  19. I Must recommend bitlord. I’ve tried most of the Torrentclients and i always got crappy download speeds, but for some reason, I almost doubled it when i switched to bitlord.. + i like it ;)

  20. If you like BitLord, I would use BitComet instead, seeing as BitLord is little more than a rip of a BitComet beta anyhow.

  21. Bitlord is a leeching client. Do a Google search and see for yourself. Many have blocked this client from their trackers. I use the stuffer plugin with Azureus to kickban Bitlord clients. Unfortunately I’ve had to ban Bitcomet as well because Bitlord sometimes identifies itself as Bitcomet.

  22. MANY trackers, and especially good, and honest peers have kickbanned ALL Bitlord peers, and a lot of them are following suit on BitComet too! Good reasons too, but “out-of-the-box” configs, as well as a lot more Im not ashamed to say, i kickban all Lord/Comet peers… GOOD riddance!

  23. Oh great I use Bitlord but I do share my torrents and seed for completed downloads. I have only used Bitlord and only come across this page as I was wondering if there was anthing better. Azureus seems unstable from what I have read and Bitcomet live with trojans.

  24. I personally have never found Azureus to be unstable. I believe you may be referring to the earlier posts about it. The notebook concerned may have been a Dell. My own behaves similarly, but the crashes aren’t limited to times when I’m running Azureus, and seem to be caused by bad (Dell) drivers.

    I personally believe Azureus IS the best bittorrent client yet. But I’ve never used BitLord, and have always suspected the clients may be leeches.

    Also, Azureus is open-source, and is in the final stages of evolution. There doesn’t seem to be anything more worthwhile to add to it. I haven’t heard of any known bugs either, and if there were any, they could easily be fixed, since it’s open.

    Curiously enough, people who use Azureus dont really have a reason to go for another client, and so don’t know about BitLord. The converse also applies. They simply find it convinient to go on using their client as it provides all they need, and don’t want to go into the hassle of trying out other clients to see if they’re better.

    Commenting on the funny story of the dozen peers with 96.7% of a file ( Deane | May 30, 2005), waiting for the rest, I believe I may be one of em. Anybody have the files? ;-)

    For ( Brant | September 12, 2005), I say that you should check your firewall settings. You probably installed some app such as Norton Internet Security, or else changed your internet firewall settings. You may also have changed some Azureus settings inadvertently. If you don’t need the plugins such as Distributed-DB, Distributed-Tracker etc., but enabled them by mistake, then disable them.

    See ya!

  25. Just a word to all of you who block Bitlord/Comet users, some of us can’t use Azureus because of the dreaded “Nat error” for various reasons and can only get the yellow face. Just because we use BitLord/Comet doesn’t make us all leechers……..are you saying that all Azureus users never leech? I use Bitlord because it automatically configures my very pedantic router/modem which I haven’t been able to do with Azureus despite my best efforts…… give us a break!

  26. if you have adsl , stay away from bitlord and this other shit! it’s the most crap program i’ve ever used! when you begin with bitlord its al fine but after a couple of day’s downloading with bitlord your internet connection going extremely fucked up. caused by to much uploading bytes. so you better dicrease the maximum upload bytes or else your in deep shit.

    see ya

  27. Hello, Can anyone tell me on how to disable bit lord on the router? I have a number of people in my network using it and it is driving me crazy. The network is extremely slow!


  28. Ok for BitLord being a Bitcomet rip off it is. The FAQ carries exactly the same spelling mistakes and all. It is an older version, less secure, and chalk filled with ads. I don’t like Azures because of its huge RAM comsumption. Bitcomet takes up much less. I recently switched from BitLord to Bitcomet, and noticed it said uncompleted BitComet file, when I was resuming my downloads from BitLord and loading them into BitComet. Coincidence? No.

  29. Windows users -> Stick on BitComet

    Simply because it’s the best Windows BitTorrent software. I’ve been using it since its first release. I was always seeking on google the terms “C++ BitTorrent client”, and there I am. At last, a decent alternative to that crappy Python official implementation. BitComet is fast, reliable and resource friendly (Think of all that Java crap like Azureus… “JAVA IS NOT YET A DESKTOP TECHNOLOGY, UNLESS YOU RUN A PENTIUM 10 WITH SOME GB RAM”). Try it, and support its developpement as possible as you can, or at least send an aknowlegement to its author who spend time and effort developing it. Also, AVOID those fakes such as “BitLord” that do not respect the sharing rules and may infect you by trojans & viruses…

  30. I’ve been using Bitlord for quite some time now. I only have one complaint about it at this point: the upload bytes appear to be always higher than my download bytes. If I try to regulate (decrease/limit) the upload bytes, the download rate is proportionately decreased. Can anyone help me with this problem? I just want to have an equal upload and download rate.

  31. Kellogs one of the main causes for that is out of date NIC card drivers. Lots of people all have the same problem when using any bittorent program with out of date drivers especially people with a Netgear card, make sure you have the most recent NIC card drivers installed.

    Some people have said reducing the program priority in windows task manager can also solve the problem but that doesnt work for everyone.

  32. i use Azureus. if you optimize your setting you should hit high speeds on a good torrent. i’ve hit up to 250kB/s. the average up speed is normally between 20-40kB/s. which is shared within the swarm of clients trying to get that file. just make sure you have a good amount of seeders. prefferably more seeders then leechers. all you people who have problems with Azureus. the problem might be resources. the program requires lots of memory. thats the only downside to Azureus.

  33. First I tried the normal bittorrent client. It sucked. Speed never exceeded 10 kB/s. Then I switched to Azureus. The speed improved but it constantly had problems connecting to tracker. Now I’m using BitLord. Its faster then Azureus and stays connected but it really slows down my computer. Can someone advise me a good client with fast speed and low CPU usage.

  34. I’m new at this. I downloaded a movie using BitLord and have an Icon with the movie title on my desktop. When I click on it (to openwith BitLord) up pops “BitLord – Torrent Task Exists ”

    How do I get to play and watch what I have downloaded ? All help and suggestions appreciated.

  35. —REKNAW–:::::

    hey mate it might just be the torrent file on the desktop, when you click on something to download, where does it say to save to? I dont know where bitlord usually puts stuff but it will probably be there. Run a search on your computer for the name of the movie, good luck. Im getting bitlord now to try it out ;P

  36. I have used BitComet / Azureus / ABC / BitTornado / BitLord. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages. All of them have crashed at some point in time. BitComet has a mind of it’s own when trying to disable DHT, BitLord is a poor clone of BitComet, Azureus is a huge resource hog with it’s Java platform. Bit Tornado could use a few more features. I have issues with all of these clients.

    I now use utorrent. It uses less than 6MB of RAM and the file is about 100KB. It has never crashed and I hardly notice it’s running. There are a lot of features for such a small program and the only feature it is missing is a kick/ban user (I need this for those uber leechers and BitComet users with their DHT network enabled and their ability to cheat when reporting stats to the tracker.

  37. On most internet connections (except sdsl) your upload and download speeds are different. I have a cable connection and have 512kbit d/l and 128kbit u/l which is 64kbytes d/l and 15.5kbytes u/l. There is also no way to guarantee a speed that you can download torrents as the maximun pool of bandwidth is shared out and added to by the peers/leechers.

  38. i use bit comet now and it is way faster then bitlord. i used bitlord and i got speeeds at about 1-10kbs but when i started using bitcomet i get speeds from 10- 150 kbs. i think that when u r download small files with bitlord it will finish in about 2-6 days(if the file is less then 50mg) with bitcomet i get usher and his 4 albume 226mb in only 13 h. i am satisfied with bit comet instead othe the copy.

  39. I used to use bitlord at one time, then i noticed alot of main torrent sites going against it. so i started to look for a better client… in the end i stuck with good old faithful Bit Tornado… and i havnt looked back, its great compared to bitlord/comet. Most people i talk to online block bitlord/comet due to many of the users just leeching (not all but many).if i was u guys using bitlord i really would consider getting a better client so that u dont become a victim of bitlords downfall

  40. I am really happy wih bitlord I finally can reach download speeds of over 250 kb, (ADSL 2K). I could never dream of getting close to this performance with the other torrents. Thanks bitlord! goodwork.

  41. for fuck sakes. my shit downloads slow as fuck. back when i used bit tornado a couple years ago shit was so quick, but now my comp is fucked, zone alarm is pussy, and other shit is someshit…. fuck. whatever though. it’s worth fuckign waiting for free shit that would otherwise cost money i’m not willing to fukcikng put out, eh? lates

  42. I use bitlord, and I think its great, it is basically the same progrm as bitcomet but has a search feature added.

    I don’t think u can compare speeds between different bittorrent clients because every torrent file is different. Sometimes I get great speeds sometimes if I use more obscure torrent sites and then I get slower speeds :)

    And I reccomend everyone to upload as well as download no matter what client they are using.

    And anyone who blocks a bittorrent client on purpose is an idiot. Hehehe Talk about shooting yourself in the foot :-) Maybe they are the same ppl complaining about slow download speeds. lol

  43. first of i use Bitlord , but to all the people u have speed probs, it doesnt matter if u have a fast connection, u cant download faster, if the seeder is using an amount of upload if he has a max upload of 15 kB u cant download faste then him

  44. I can understand why BitLord is called a Leecher-Client: Anytime a .torrent switches to seed AND no other .torrent still beeing downloaded is around, the upload is beeing spread across all connected peers. So even when sharing with 30-40k, only few bytes will be sent to each individual user. And I don’t know, how much of this bytes are beeing swallowed just by the routing packages.

    Another problem is coming with .torrents consisting of more than (around) 8k peers/seeds: The usual CPU-Usage of around 2 to 6 percent jumps up to partly 100%.

    Despite that Bitlord is a fine client, which is relatively easy to use, doesn’t burden the cpu and memory “at all” and has a simple, not too colourful gui. (Doesn’t know about the ripoff-grade, though… never tested bitcomet until now.)

  45. u all should use utorrent. thats the #1 bittorrent client out there

    dont usee the default port. try anything betweeen 10000 & 50000

    for ppl with XP SP2 download TCP patcher @ change conections to about 99

  46. i downloaded bitlord latest version and tried downloading a movie file.though it shows 3 peers and download started but i have received no % of the file.can any help please?

  47. it downloads movie files in sections, for example the movie file could be split into 4mb sections, it has more than 1 section downloadin at any time, so untill a whole section has been completed, a percentage will not be added

  48. i’m just an addition to the torrent-newbie generation…just wanna knw wht all those ratings mean (viz. kb/s up, kb/s dn, kb/s peer dn) when u go to the “peers” section on bitlord….how do these 3 ratings differ?

  49. Hi i’m a very pleased user of azures, I currently reached the highest download speed ever! just around 375kB/s sometimes it drops to 200kB/s, no problem

    The only problem I have sometimes is that the (Wireless) -LAN connection suddenly drops to 1Mb/s, wich drops down my download to just around 30-40kB/s i have to reset my LAN-connection to get back full 54Mb/s, wich also reset all other connections…

    Has anybody else out there the same problem? Maybe its just the wireless router (asus) wich got to hot? – HLP please

    For newbies I will resume some usefull thing:

    kB (KiloBytes) = 8 times 1 kb/s (kilobit) so 1kB/s is eight times faster then 1kb/s ( if that exist :p) up = upload-connection dn = download-connection (most important for you)

    fo high download speed, you have to forward incoming connection to you’re computer, if you’re using a router you have to forward the ports 6881;6881 Since last time i installed XPSP2 i don’t remeber if i did this hack, though i get very high download-speeds

    I hope i have been clear enough, otherwise you will find something very intresting on

    BTW I search my files on wich are you using?

  50. hey i have bitlord like many of you on this site and i get a really crappy download speed (6kb/s) and i was wondering if anyone knows how to fix it.

  51. It would be nice if all of you actually put the version numbers of all the softwares you talk about. I have tried many clients and for the moment Bitlord 1.0.1 (1.1) is by far the best. For all of you saying that it’s a leacher, I don’t know if you realised but most people complain that it actually gives too much…. I actually experience the same thing, I give a lot more than I receive, and I don’t really care.

    The only problem I found was that it reduced my internet speed even when dowloading at lower speed. I use PeerGuardian 2 with it and they just work perfectly fine together. Although, I have to say, Bitlord’s website is banned by PG2…

    My dowload speed range from 20 to 30 k on average. Some one talked about 200 k!!! I quiet like to see that….

  52. What kind of connection do you have CreamyFilling or anyone else who has been able to download at 100+ kb/s????

    I have forwarded my ports on my router and since then I easely go into the 40-50s…. On a torrent with a poor health. We shall see when trying with one with a good health…

  53. Guys i HAVE a BIG problem here ok im using bit lord and last night it just stopped to download and its health is at 0 plz help me!!!

  54. I’ve been using torrents for a couple of years now, and it has come to my attention that bitlord is VERY similar in many ways to BitComet. It reports itself as BitComet 1.01 (which doesn’t exist, the current version of BitComet is 0.62), it has the same interface, the same features, it even has the global download speed report error that adds connection traffic into the total (which is techinically correct in a way, but odd that only two programs do it and they both seem to be identical). I’ve heard rumors that BitLord may have gotten the okay for doing this, but the bottom line is BitLord IS BitComet with a few tweaks, compiled from roughly the same source code. The most notable tweak (only in the for-profit version) seems to be the ability to download without uploading anything back, and it has caused serious degradation in the Torrent community already. If my sources are correct, BitLord is a knockoff BitComet that is sucking the Torrent community dry. Research may prove this topic is worth another article. Give it a look if you’ve got the chance.

  55. I have been using Azureus sometime now and like it very much, but recently my computer has been freezing regularly. I have a feeling the problem is with Azureus… is anyone else having this problem. I am connected to BT broadband wirelessly. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks.

  56. im a newbee to bitlord and i would like some help and some pointers…

    when i download a movie and unzip it and try to watch it ,up pops a error message and it resets my desktop , this happens with the movie file also if i try and burn it to disc using dvd santa also….

    does sound like im doing somethign wrong please help me

  57. Azureus is the best Bittorrent program, who cares it uses up 40-50MB ram. FFS you got 512MB or ram at least for what? resources are there for a goddamn reason. Azureus is a feature risch client, keeps you fully infpormed down too the very piece (at other peers have too) so you know exactly whats happening with your downloads and uploads. That kind of richness comes with a price, no other client is anywhere near azureus development.

  58. hi, I’m very happy with bitlord,but recently I had this problem,my 2.7 gb download went complete and I selected the option pause, then remove, then remove task only keeping downloaded files, but when I go to the downloads folder there is nothing, my file just disappear,I have to download it again, can anybody explain me this please?

  59. BitLord is BitComet 0.58 with a slightly different interface and spyware. It’s outdated garbage, deal with it. If you’re going to use BitLord spare yourself and use at least BitComet 0.63.

    People complaining about Java use, there are other versions of Java besides Sun’s screwed up version.

    Give you ĀµTorrent a try. You might be surprised.

  60. I’ve had bitlord for a while now but what I don’t understand is why it’s so slow? Can anyone help me out? ~|| .: Lizzie :. ||~

  61. im telling ya, uTorrent sux ass, i tried azureus and uTorrent at the same time with the same file, gues who won…. Azureus, by far!! uTorrent is the most unstable torrent client ever… so i suggest Azureus… btw. i tried bitlord (sux) bittornado (sux ) and bittorents official client, al sucked…

  62. If you are using bitlord and your download speed is low but upload is high go to preferences and change upload to a maximum of 3 kb/s this will help because upload can affect the dowload speed. Cheers. :-)

  63. BitLord IS a ripped off BitComet, if you move your mouse over the Preferences button in BitLord it says in the comments bar at the bottom “Open BitComet Dialogue Option”

    Talk about blatant rip offs!!! Im mega peeved.

  64. Bitlord sucks…Azereus may take a supposed amount of more resources…for me it only takes 65mb and 2% cpu but bitlord takes 75mb and 2-97% cpu it messes up all the time and my downloads always go down in % every five seconds….bitlord is the worst peice of crap i have every used…i will never download it again….but bitcomet is decent though

  65. Azereus is not for people that don’t know about the basics of computers my azereus only takes 35mb and 1-5% cpu…there was a site that instructs you on how to make it run on less mem and cpu but i don’t remember it’s name sorry guys. Also I would go with Bitcomet and not bitlord it randomly decideds to delete parts from your download because it can’t download them right in the 1st place and It will go and do that not responding crap for no reason and take almost all of your cpu.

  66. and in addition i have never seen bitlord hit over 60kb/s while i have seen azureus hit 350kb/s (which is my internets connections max download)…

  67. Help. big problem. I was downloading a series. Had about 75% out of 100%. And when i stopped uploading and continue downloading. All of my downloads dissapeared. And my whole download reset to 0%. Please help. Whats going on? how can i get them all back? I dont want to waste 3 overnights downloading. 9gigs gone. Help. Please.

  68. Bitlord was my first torrent client and it really sux. At least in Kazza i can get dl speeds greater than 2k/sec. And i picked a torrent with 800 seeds and cant get over 2k? My router is configured properly…i am not a noob . DONT use bitlord if you plan on using your dl’s anytime soon

  69. Just a quick comment. I use Bit Lord, always have, always will. I will not put down other clients, we all have different computers, different files downloading, different connections & different speeds, so how can we compare? I have a 1 meg connection, I get regular D/L speeds of 120kps. In my prefs I set it for . Max 3 Tasks, My Global max D/L speed is, unlimited. My Global max Upload speed is 25kps. After I have D/loaded a couple of Torrents I then let these torrents upload to at least 1.1 before d/loading any more torrents .

  70. i get those warnings saying upnp mapping data port reserved too.anyone knows what they mean.i dont know much much a ports and all that tech stuff

  71. here it is for anyone else that thinks bitlord is great i am a programmer and have been for 3 years.

    i too have also wondered why it is so great so i tested it with every other program and th eonly one that come close to the speed is bittorrent the original.

    listen up here guys i tested downloading movies and music and i now have from using BITLORD 3 lawsuits against me i have comcast internet and they sent me an email syaing i have broken the TOS(terms of service) and that they could refuse service to me and in the email they showed exactly what time i downloaded the movie..what site i got the movie torrent from and what program they got the information from..bitlord. so here is some advice im pretty sure you all by now know or have guessed that bitlord was created by a government tech to trap people. thats why its so fast and efficent.




  72. I first started downloading torrents about 6 months ago. I went straight to the official bittorrent site and downloaded the official client. It was total crap!! It kept putting the torrents in a folder on my desktop!! This would have been bad enough on it’s own due to the fact that if i wanted to download anything naughty my parents would see it as it was their computer!! But it made things worse by the fact that i couldn’t delete some of the folders off my desktop, i ended up having to do a system restore just to get rid of the folders! I wasn’t a happy chappy! So i looked for some other clients to download my wonderful torrents. I tried Azureus, it wouldn’t run on my computer, tried everything i could think of but to no avail. I tried bitcomet but didn’t like the look of the interface (looks like windows 98!), and then finally got round to trying bitlord. Hallelujah! Looks good, has every option i would need, stores all of the torrents in one place with the option to put them wherever i want and shows all the information that i would ever need. Lovely! I reccomend that if you have got a torrent downloading then set your global upload speed to 12kbs (this is for 1 meg broadband) and you will still download at about 120kbs, depending on the seeders. This way you are uploading aas muck as possible so that when the torrent finishes you don’t have to seed as long!! Put the upload speed to anything higher than 12 and your download speed will start to suffer greatly though. Hope this helps!

  73. Hi!I am Kolahal.I am using BitLord since last 7 days.Actually, I am using it to download Maths and ohysics ebooks available on do not know what torrent or seeds or leeches I have used.Let me confess,I just saw the ebooks and hit the keys for downloading.Now the download speed has fallen to 25 KB/s.Well, this will simply not do as I am downloading a file on physics complete whose size is 5.21 GB when at night our broadband is free.Please help.It’s urgent for my studies.

  74. I have downloaded over 100+ gig’s of information off the internet.. ie. Movies + Games + Programs.

    But the best program I have used yet to download is “Bit-Lord” I suggest you use it regardless of what other people may tell you, This is a program made by the people, for the people.

  75. hello, im stuck at downloading at 99.9 Percent for a while, can you believe that? I also see a lot of Peers are stuck at 99.9 percent download. I tried the chat option, but no one is using it. I’m using Bitlord.

  76. Hello,

    I am new to this acusition torrent site. My son has informed me of how he uses MiniNova and my son-in-law uses the TorrentSpy. If you are/arenot aware of these two sites, you are now.

    They have both told me that I need to get the bitlord downloader.

    I have heard lots of bad as well as good about bittorrent and am just a little wery of getting something that will hurt my computer. I do run Norton 2008 but as we all know, nothing stops everything.

    Thank you for the bitlord downloader link.

    Best regards,

    Brian Lawrence

  77. I have been a torrent user for many years and have used most clients. I was a confirmed UTorrent user up until a few months ago when it developed the tendency to crash itself, my router and my PC. There have been no real attempt to properly address the problems that this once stellar bittorrent client has developed. So, reluctantly I used the only alternative program Azureus. I could have used ABC but I needed a more sophisticated client! The reason I needed a more sophisticated client was the birth of SELFISH clients like: BitComet, BitLord, BitThief, BitTyrant and BitSpirit. These clients are leeches with little or no upload to the rest of the community as well as their connect – disconnect behaviour to prioritize them on the download list. I have found that by banning these clients via the stuffer plugin for Azureus I no longer have a long list of banned ips sending bad data instances. I have an ADSL connection and can only upload at 40 – 43 KB/s so I need to maximise what I upload to the bittorent community.

    Sharing is what bittorrent is all about but selfish clients used by selfish people who stop uploading the second a download is complete . They also do not SEED their downloads to contribute back to the community and this is why some trackers ban the aforementioned clients.

    Torrents are about sharing and we need to remember this as we are becoming more and more selfish as countries, communities and societies.

  78. I’m going back to Emule- quicker- easier and you can view any film as it’s downloading – for quality control and to eliminate fakes- torrents are so bloody slow!! I haven’t got th etime to wait!!

  79. I’m having a problem connecting with Bitlord. For a while it was working perfectly fine. Downloaded everything i found without a problem..

    ..Now whenever i find something, i try and download it.. But the status just reads: ‘connecting’ and never gets past that point.. And now I can’t download a single thing. It’s really starting to annoy me. It’s like bitlord can’t find a single peer to get the files from at all or something.

    Im sure it’s not my ports seeing how it was working perfectly fine before.

    Someone help please.

  80. i downloaded bitlord a few days ago and it was working fine and for some reason when i download a torrent bitlord picks it up but wont download. so i think bitlord is not connecting…someone please help me. thanks

  81. bs’d I am no Steve Jobs,but I do know my computer and I love Vuze formerly Azureus. I can d/l a 350 mb file in abt 10 mins. I have d/led files up to 15GBs in a very reasonable amt of time depending on the number of seeders. I don’t have any of the problems mentioned here and Vuze even has its own built in player. I use VLC, but it is there, none the less. I have tried other clients but none have been as satisfactory as Vuze. Good luck and happy downloading. Always seed back when you can. MM

  82. I’m using Bitlord 1.1, at first I have a download rate of 120Kb/s. I had this speed for a few days but suddenly I was disconnected and then the download speed became 30Kb/s when resumed. I don’t know what went wrong, I would appreciate if anybody could help me regain the 120Kb/s speed. Thanks.

  83. hey i was a utorrent user untill i lost myself in the settings and couldnt get past 20kb/s down speed.. i just changed to bitlord and wouldnt get past 180kb.. you see, im used to 850-900kb/s (as read when using utorrent).. i played with the settings in bitlord and im back on 780-850kbs and believe i can tweak it upto 1mb/s or more so now i say bitlord is a far better engine for torrent downloads… i will tell you how i did it….

    use these URL’s as a guide: -{\}-, For a useful bandwidth tweaking site -{}- … this has a guide for bandwidth settings, up and down speeds, etc.. do the speed test: -{}- and go by what your test said..

    i got average 7.4mb/s (7400kb/s) down speed and 0.83mb/s (830kb/s) up speed..

    go to edit, preferences,

    • in QUEUE;
      for me, with a higher bandwidth than exampled, I had 830kb/s up speed, so I set;
    • total active torrents: 20 EXAMPLE GUIDE
    • tot. act. down.: 15 Assumed upload speed (KiB/s): 25 50 150 250
    • tot. act. seeding: 20 Total active torrents: 3 5 10 15
    • you can set more totals Maximum upload slots per torrent: 4 5 7 8
    • but will slow down speed Maximum total upload slots: 12 25 70 120 if too high..
    • in BANDWIDTH under Global Usage;
    • set max. connections to 200
    • set max. upload slots to (80% of tot. up speed divided by 4.5) – (so for me 150)
    • set max. down speed to 95% of total down speed (eg. 95% of 7400kb/s which is 7030kb/s)
    • set max. up speed to 80% of total up speed (eg. 80% of 830kb/s which is 664kb/s)
    • max half connections have a play around with range from 2-50 and see which you prefer
    • set max. connection attempts to 20 under per torrent usage;
    • set max. connections to 100 (half of global max connections)
    • set max. upload slots to (global max. up speed (divide / ) global max. upload slots (times x) tot. act. torrents) eq. u.sp/ – 660/

    • set max. download speed to unlimited

    • set max. upload speed to unlimited

    have fun

  84. Vuze (formerly Azureus) tries to get you to install additional trash-ware, like toolbars and sharware software, and you have to dodge this during install. When the app is installed, it forces you to use a built-in mediaplayer, and like so many other media-apps for computers, tries to accommodate every aspect of your machine (handles MP3-players, servers, and other junk, it all works poorly) as if the file explorer of a UI was such a mystery to users (the only MP3-player that actually needs an app is the iPod). Vuze handles very ugly aswell. Launches everything in its crappy mediaplayer, requires action for every list item you want to remove (not actual files, just LIST ITEMS). It’s just an annoying an poorly executed app.

    Bitlord has a toolbar that you need to dodge at install. That’s it. In all other aspects, Bitlord is just an oldschool download manager, that does what it’s told, and delivers what you expect.

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