Bill Gates’ House

By Deane Barker on May 27, 2005

Bill Gates’ House: Here’s a nice little image map of Bill Gates’ house. You can click on certain areas to get enlargements and descriptions. For instance, his pool:

The 17-by-60-foot swimming pool has an underwater music system and a floor painted in a fossil motif. Swimmers can dive under a glass wall and emerge outdoors by a terrace. Locker room off the pool has four showers and two baths.

I floated past Bill’s house while on a harbor tour in Seattle once. It was huge from the water, and I got to thinking, what if I jumped out of the boat and just swam up to shore? His property line probably doesn’t begin until the high-water mark, so could I just stand ankle-deep in the water and yell at him?



  1. Good grief; that’s not a house. It’s a small city.

    Jobs may kick puppies, but Gates skins those puppies — and any kitties he can get his hands on — and sells their hides to pay for the electricity to run his monstrosity.

    He’s probably got a team of goons like Buddy/Syndrome in “The Incredibles” that would fly out in hovercraft to take care of somebody with an idea like yours, Deane.

  2. oi m8 i have 2 puppies and he not touchin them so leave poor bill alone. well he not poor but yeah u no wat i mean ok. adios amegos

  3. i like the incredibles i like elastioc girl and the lil baby but i forget his name so leave them alone. cant u tease the teletubbies or sumthin U LIKE BOYS

  4. its not that it is to big hes just to affraid to live in it. and the night lights it looks like a small city (you know he is afraid of the dark) I was talking to Steve Jobs the other day about Microsofts attemp to do a IPOD.

    Steve: I never new the boy was such a punk Larry: ya me too. Steve: I did his wife before they were married Larry: ya me too. Steve: lets say we get him to sell his stock and have the gov call it trading short Larry: Ya me too


  6. When u have as much money as Bill does…who are we fooling?…I would build a house three times that size because I would not be going broke any time soon! Not to say that I would live in it..I would build it just so the property value could cause a Depression in the US :)

  7. hi there bill how are you today i am just a regurler person if my spelling is not correct please forgive me because i am learning how to tyoe my girlfriends name is linda redding and we are getting married next summer my best friend is the chief of our reserve in canada provence of quebec listuguj is the name and my best friends name is scott marten e would like to hear back from you so that i can show scott your e mail for bragging purposes

  8. hi there bill how are you today i am just a regurler person if my spelling is not correct please forgive me because i am learning how to tyoe my girlfriends name is linda redding and we are getting married next summer my best friend is the chief of our reserve in canada provence of quebec listuguj is the name and my best friends name is scott marten e would like to hear back from you so that i can show scott your e mail for bragging purposes

  9. Dear Mr. Gates, Greetings and congratulation from me in Malaysia. Please let me know how to be successful like you. I am 10 years old and I will be celebrating my 10th birthday on 8th May 2006. I will be happy to receive a personal e-mail from you.

    Thank You. Bohen (10)

  10. shut up all you fools if it wasnt for bill gates you would not be able to talk all your crap on the computer to him…so hats off to bill gates!!!!!

  11. i think bill gates’ house is great…you can hear music in 2 deepest level of da pool….he can even turn on his jazcuzzi (in da master bedroom)..from his car on his way home…his house is tha best it can be…dont b mad at him cuz u aint rich…i would do tha same thing…nd people here have to stop actin like hes goin 2 read this..he would never waste time to read our crap cuz he gets it eryday anyways…w.e cool home…better than mine anyway lol

  12. no body needs a house this big. all this is is greedyness everyone in the world is greedy no matter how much money we have we always want more for are own personal reasons. With the money that was spent on this house he could og gave it to s cheraty for the poor and homeless. Dosen’t hurt to help

  13. To those complaining about the exorbinant nature of the Gates estate think about it for a second. THE GUY HAS OVER $50,000,000,000.00 dollars. Thats a whole lot of zeros. Yes, he could has helped out charities and what not with the money spent on his house, but its HIS money. Annnnd, he has a whole charity foundation already, so I think the man does plenty of good with the money he earns. I would buy a house that large or even larger if I had the kind of money that he does. So would you. Get real, thanks.

  14. i think it’s pleasure to own and to live in such house. if i had such kind of mony i would buy such kind of house,well mr.Gaits congratulations you have a wonderful house

  15. You would think that people who are reading about Bill Gates would be more educated on what he does with his money. One person said if you had his money you would do the same, they’re right. If you had his money you would build a house that fits your personal lifestyle and make it just as big.

    Now get your ass out there and work your ass off like he did to get his money.

  16. why do you need so much room? it servs no purpose do something more usefull with you monet go give to charity or something.

  17. Hello, I am Bill Gates. I have read these comments and I thank those who back me up. For those of you who hate me, just fuck off. I have money, you dont. I help charity, you dont. So just stop complaining and live your life. Dont interfere with mine. Happy birthday Bohen.

    All send me an email for HELP purposes only. All spam shall be deleted and reported.

  18. I think ,it is wastage of money.How long a person live?.Hardly 60-70 yrs.Bill gates made this house when he was more then 40 years.So only for 20 -22 yrs he spend so much money.

  19. i will do anything in the world to be in his shoes, one day i will get like Bill he is very creative and smart but he is not the richest man in the world any more.

  20. I love using a candel to make a room smell fresher then it really is supposed to be. I also love BRITAIN!!!!!

  21. please can u help me get into contact the multi-man himself?this is my e-mail address i will be very very sound if i can get in touch with him if it is his address i will like it or what ever that will enable me get in touch with him pls.

  22. Hi,Mr Gates.Congration for your hard work.You have been the richest man in the world for 13 years.You are my my role model.You will catch that man soon who is the richest man in the world.

  23. Bill has worked hard to provide his family with this elaborate home. I’m sure any one that speaks down about him would buy, build or do something extreme if we were blessed with his fortune that others wouldn’t understand. It can happen to any of is.

    P.S. To the Gates Family, if y’all ever need a nanny, contact me at your convienence.

  24. Well damn, its 2008 and everything is the same accept the gas price. Bill if you could do the US a favor it should be to buy the oil right now and resale it at a lower price, you would take a loss but it would be insignificant to the amount of money you poses thanks for your time

  25. Hello billlll!you have sooooo much money this is how much 50gazilion!oh or this much 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,0000

  26. Buenas tardes: Quisiera tener una charla con el señor Bill Gates, sieste mensaje no lo lee Bill, solicito, se la haga llegar, ya que por supuesto me enterare, quien recibio el mensaje, cabe aclarar que es de suma urgencia, soy argentina 37 años , soy divociada tengo tres hijos y quiero hablar,para solicitarle un prestamo, la vida no me ha dado las oportunidades que has tenido por esa razon te escribo, a menudo me pasa darme la oportunidad de recibir el no seguro y pelear por el sueño frustrado, espero Bill puedas ayudarme dentro de tus posibilidades¡¡¡¡ Marcela 1150019895

  27. ohh i give my home to bill gates… he was very poor i gave him some money…
    so he became the richest man of the world…. now u can imagine how rich i m ..

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