Mono Live?

By on May 25, 2005

Has anyone messed around with this, yet? From the site:

The Mono Live CD is a way for you to try out Linux, the Mono Framework 1.1.7, and the newest desktop applications without modifying your current computing environment.



  1. I didn’t use the Live CD, but I wrote a quick ‘Hello World’ GNOME app in Mono a while back. I’ve also used and hacked around with a couple of open source GNOME applets for Mono.

    It works as advertised. The runtime is fairly spiffy. At the time I tried it, the WinForms API wasn’t completely reimplemented (the main reason I and everyone else looked at GNOME apps), but I believe that they’ve made major improvements on that front since then.

  2. I’m dying to try out the mono-live cd but after it loads and lands on the GNOME Desktop Manager username prompt, I can’t get past… don’t know the root password (or any other user for that mattre)

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