By on May 24, 2005

You may have heard of THOMAS, a service of the Library of Congress that provides an up-to-date online database of all of the legislative activities of your congressfolk. You may also have noticed that THOMAS was apparently created by consulting a team of usability experts on the best way to build such a system, then shooting them, disposing of the bodies, and doing the exact opposite of anything they had recommended.

Found somewhere in my feed list today: Plogress takes data from THOMAS and turns it into a bunch of blogs, one for each member of Congress. Now you can subscribe to the RSS feed to find out what your elected officials are doing on your behalf. When it comes re-election time, you’ll have much more to go on than what circus animal your congressman likes.

You can comment on each entry too. I hope that Plogress really catches on, so much that someone on my Senator’s staff would need to post an explanatory comment there when he makes a controversial vote (Pipe dream, I know).

I checked up on my House rep and Senators, and by and large, I was pretty pleased to see that they’re doing their jobs. I was so pleased, in fact, that I was forced to remove the term ‘congressweasels’ from this post.