Hating Dimes

By on May 20, 2005

Of all the things in this world worthy of hate, I’d say dimes are pretty low on my list. Apparently not for everyone.

Reasons why Dimes suck:

Dollars are made up of Quarters. Quarters are made up of Nickels. Nickels are made up of Pennies. There is no place for Dimes in this system. A Quarter can not be divided up into Dimes unless you go through the trouble of cutting a Dime perfectly in half. Most establishments lack the resources to accomplish this for you when giving you your change.



  1. I like this part:

    Dimes are known to eat babies, but prefer the flesh of adorable newborn kittens and bunnies. Every Dime you send to me will be kept in a secure location, far away from everything beautiful and good in this world. Remember, Dimes live only to burn and decimate everything you hold dear. They sow only anger and reap only ruin. Dimes are vile, evil beings and only together can we reign them in.

    Yeah, I hate $100 bills. Send those to me so I can…destroy them. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

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