Office 12 is Coming

By Deane Barker on May 20, 2005

Microsoft to debut updated Office program in 2006: I haven’t upgraded since Office 2000.

Jeff Raikes, the senior vice president in charge of the Office division at Microsoft, said that the trial, or beta, version of Office 12 would be ready by the end of this year, followed by the full launch next year

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  1. Have you used OpenOffice much? I bought a new home PC last summer and seriously thought about going the OpenOffice route, but I could not convince my wife. A contributing factor was that I was able to get MS Office 2003 Pro pretty cheaply with an employee discount.

  2. Office XP is much better than 2000 at least for Outlook. I don’t use many advanced features of the other apps.

    I have Open Office and don’t like it enough to use on a daily basis. The one thing I DO like is their conversion of documents to PDF. I have Adobe Acrobat 6 and it produces the most bloated PDF’s ever. When I convert a basic one page Word doc using Acrobat it sometime creates 1mb file, same Word file converted / imported to Open Office and then saved as PDF comes out 15-30k.

    I’ve tried different settings but nothing seems to make it smaller. Anyone know why Acrobat produces such bloated PDF’s? I guess this is off topic.

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