Blogs in the Workplace

By Deane Barker on July 7, 2003

Blogs in the Workplace: A good article with a dozen or so examples of how blogs could fit into corporations:

“Mr. Tang has also used blogs to coordinate group projects, like the recent process of interviewing job candidates for a programming position. The various people at the company who spoke to each candidate posted their comments on a password-protected Web log. … ‘One person wrote that a candidate was “quiet,” ’ Mr. Tang recalled. ‘There was a whole discussion about this. “What does that mean? Is it a bad thing? Does it mean he’s antisocial?” There was more back and forth with the interview process. It helped everyone to get on the same page more quickly.’”

It also includes this tidbit:

“As business interest in Web logs grows, more companies are moving into the market — or expanding into it, in the case of software developers that had focused on personal Web log tools but are now aiming at teams and organizations. One such company, Six Apart, plans to begin selling its corporate product in the next few weeks.”

That’s the first mention of Movable Type Pro I’ve heard in a long time.



  1. Anil Dash just posted this to his blog:

    “point of clarification: MT Pro will probably not be in the next few weeks, but some businesses will probably use TypePad anyway”

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