Zawodny Rips on Google

By Deane Barker on May 19, 2005

Imitation and the Slippery Slope of Portaldom: My Google: Google released Personalized Home Pages today. What I found interesting was Jeremy Zawodny’s response to it (he works at Yahoo!, remember).

There’s a radical idea! A customized home page with a search box at the top. Innovative! Whoever thought of the product is a world-class genius! What next, an IM client? Web hosting? A Calendar?

I’m in awe!

[…] Since it seems that you haven’t settled on a name for this “new” product, I’d like to suggest My Google. We’ve found that the whole “my” thing works pretty well over here.



  1. Um, if I invented a new kickass material to make a pair of pants, let’s say DENIM, they’d still have to have belt loops and buttons, eh, stupido?

  2. What next, an IM client? Web hosting? A Calendar?

    What I’m really, really missing – and I leave no opportunity to point this out – is a bookmark service from Google.

    I want to use my bookmarks on any PC connected to the net just like I use gmail. Google will maintain them in the background: notify me of changes, highlight dead links, provide excerpts and titles, allow me to use Google search technology inside them, inject them into the SERPS if my query would fit one of them.

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