Wind Power Study

By Deane Barker on May 19, 2005

Wind potential: I love windmills. This new study makes me love them even more.

Wind has plenty of potential energy to exceed worldwide demand for electricity, a study finds.

If only 20% of the Earth’s “wind-power potential” were tapped, humanity could meet all of its electricity demand seven times over, according to a new study.



  1. The big caution comes when we ask ourselves what happens to the weather when we take 20% of the energy out of the winds.

  2. Fewer hurricanes and tornado’s maybe? I doubt it would make much impact. Skyscrapers and large bridges do the same thing and it has not caused global problems. Only localized issues with heat and weather.

  3. The problem is how do you make the wind blow when you need the power? Also wind tends to blow more consistently where people aren’t.

    Wind power can be a component of the total generation, but can never be the sole source of power.

  4. You need some kind of buffer system — somewhere to house the excess power from when the wind is up then release it when the wind is down. Both long term (from day to day), and short term (from minute to minute).

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