Fontographer for OS X!

By on May 19, 2005

Yes! Fontographer, Macromedia’s long time orphaned child, has been snatched up by FontLab, who is promising renewed support for the product and an update that will run natively in OS X.

With nearly two decades of presence on the market, Fontographer has gained a reputation as an easy-to-use and reliable tool for creating digital fonts, and continues to boast a strong and dedicated user community among desktop publishers, graphic designers and typographers. We feel that Fontographer will find a secure and comfortable home at Fontlab Ltd. Our team is committed to continuing the development of a brand-new version of the product.

Fontographer was first developed by Altsys, then bought by Macromedia in the mid-90’s, who didn’t really market it aggressively. I got a copy by accident along with a studio bundle deal with Freehand. I still barely scratch the surface of Fontographer’s capabilities, but it’s a darned handy thing to have around; I find it essential for dealing with some problem fonts & cross-platform typography and printing issues. While the older version works fine in Classic mode, it will be great to have it updated to deal with the newer font types, like OTF and .dfont.

From Benjamin at FontGeek