By on May 16, 2005

For those times when cutting with an Xacto knife, Dremel tool, or electric engraver just won’t do, here’s a great alternative; VersaLaser. It’s a real industrial laser that fits on your desktop & hooks up to a PC. It will cut, scribe or etch wood, thin metal, fabric, rubber, glass, etc… either imported from files from most any graphics app or drawn in the software that comes with it. (How long do you suppose it will be before some bozo figures out how to bypass the interlocks on the thing and sticks his hand inside to get etched?)

Prices start at about $8,000 for a 16” x 12” unit with a 10 watt laser, which puts it in reach of specialty shops that can market custom one-off cutouts to hobbyists. There are also larger models available (with larger price tags) and lots of optional accessories. This would’ve been perfect for at least a half-dozen projects from the last few months. Maybe one day the price will be within reach of even cheapskates like me!

Of course I’d probably have to buy a blasted Winders machine to make it go, but thinking of cutting that PC into tiny pieces with the laser once Mac drivers were released just gives me goosebumps!