By Deane Barker on May 16, 2005

OldVersion.com: Because Newer is Not Always Better: This is an archive of old versions of common programs. They have Internet Explorer 1.0, Real Audio 1.0 (probably even crappier back then), Acrobat Reader 2, Winzip 3.2, etc.

Remember this one for when you have to open that really old file that the latest version no longer supports.



  1. Thanks for your insightful response clamum. I agree, not every program has spyware. Those that do, however, are likely to have been authored back in the “good old days” when security was an after thought for most people. Since many people even today download and install programs without checking them out first my concern was that this archive could cause problems.

  2. Now kids …. play nice. First of all if you are downloading ANYTHING from a third party site and not scanning it to death before using it I would have to assume that terms like, “right click” and “hyperlink” are relatively new terms to you. Yes, some older (and current) utilities and apps had possibly malicious code. But that stuff will show up with just about any scanner that hasn’t even been updated….it’s old news. It’s the new stuff to watch for. Do you trust all the music and other “sidestepping” sites content on face value? I didn’t think so. Scan it from offsite with security.symantec.com ‘s virus scanner to take your long since corrupted local virus scan out of the loop. Then scan it again with Spybot Search n’ Destroy. Don’t worry … be happy! :-)

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