Gadgetopia Search: Moving to Google

By Deane Barker on May 12, 2005

I’ve decided to punt on the search system for this site. I was using my own little home-built PHP system (detailed here), but I’m going to push off to Google, I think. (Try Boing Boing’s search box to see what I mean.)

I have great search placement in Google (the Googlebot rolls through here several hundred times a day), and I’ve found myself doing site searches in Google more and more to find stuff on this site, which tells me that it’s time to drink the Koolaid on this. It may shock you, but Google does search better than I do.

And, in the spirit of full-disclosure, the extra revenue from sponsored links on the search results pages won’t hurt either. (Watch out! I’m tricky like that!)

I’ll make the change in a few days. If you feel like commenting about this plan, please do.



  1. yes, been waiting for this for ages… your search at the moment ai nt that great… many many times ive searched for soemthing here that I know is here, and not found any results

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