I Love A Parade

By on May 11, 2005

If you’ve ever wanted to be the grand marshall in a parade, here’s your chance. The 286 residents of the booming town of Kennebec, South Dakota are celebrating their centennial this summer, and the honor of acting as grand marshall is being sold to the highest bidder on an eBay auction.

This is your chance to be the Parade Marshall of the Kennebec Centennial June 17, 18, & 19. The winner of this auction will be provided with Free Passes to all Centennial Events.

Take in the action at the Northern Bull Riding Tour bull ride; see authentic Native American dancers, and a real working-cowboy Ranch Rodeo. Delight in the precision movements of the square-dancing tractors of the Farmall Promenade from Nemaha, IA. End the day dancing under the stars at the nightly Bowery dance.

The bidding has already topped $400 with 36 bids. But it makes me wonder if Kennebec is prepared for the kind of person that they could possibly end up with. I can see some flamboyant Village Person from the Big City showing up in South Dakota ranch country, ready to ride herd on the parade. Yeah. That’d go over big.