Larry Ellison’s House for Sale

By Deane Barker on May 10, 2005

Ellison estate hits the market for $25M: Larry Ellison is selling his house. I’ve heard legends about this house (I’m reading “Softwar,” off and on, right now). The CEO of my last company had dinner with Elison at this house.

According to the report, the house has white oak floors and Alaskan cedar woodwork details. Rooms are separated by sliding shoji screen doors and the powder room near the kitchen has granite floors and custom bronze doorknobs.

Almost every room has a view of the koi pond, the backyard waterfall or the swimming pool designed to look like a natural lake.

Japanese art and rare historical objects from the database software mogul’s own collection are displayed throughout the house, including samurai helmets and armor, sculptures, handpainted screens and wooden cabinets.

Speaking of Ellison’s personal life, did you know he’s married to a romance novelist? Not a bad looking one, either.



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