FireFox Roundup

By on May 9, 2005

All sorts of FireFox news this weekend:

  • The Fedora Core blog has posted a short preview of features expected in FireFox 1.1. Among them are instant rendering on the back button, instant application of settings changes, and enhanced tab navigation.

  • I’m very sad to report that The ‘Fox got it’s first big ugly security hole this week. Malicious scripts can pretend to be an update from one of your trusted update sites, and use javascript to cruft up a nasty script file to execute on your PC.

    The Mozilla crew has made server-side changes that prevent this exploit from being used with their update sites, but others probably aren’t quite so on-the-ball. If you’ve allowed any other sites to install extensions to your browser, go remove them from your trusted sites list. Edit->Preferences, then the ‘Web Features’ tab. Click the ‘Allowed Sites’ button next to ‘Allow web sites to install software’, and remove anything that isn’t or

  • The Pozz Ad Agency has created three great online FireFox commercials. Pretty funny stuff, and they start streaming right away.

Mostly via SlashDot