Future Party

By Deane Barker on May 7, 2005

Student organizes time traveler conference: This guy at MIT is throwing a party for time travelers. He wants people from the future to come back in time and attend this party.

To spread the word, Dorai asked friends to scribble invitations on pieces of acid-free paper and slip them into obscure library books. He is also giving media interviews and posting his thoughts on a Web site.

So, the theory goes that a thousand years from now, a future archeologist will find an invitation while excavating the remains of the MIT campus.

Dorai only asks his guests to show proof they come from the future: Bringing the cure for cancer, a solution for global poverty or a cold fusion reactor would suffice.

What this guy doesn’t know is that some people know how to go into the future, not just the past. The fact is that I was already at his party, and it was a total gas. Now I’m going back into the past to remove all the invitations from the books in the library so no one can contradict me.

It happened, and you can’t say it didn’t. (You were there too, by the way. I have pictures you’ll pay good money for.)