The $10,000 Bike

By on May 5, 2005

Bicycle, that is.

I was shoe shopping at a local sporting goods store tonight, and, since I like bikes almost as much as Macs, strolled through the bike department on my way out of the building.

There, hanging above all the other lowly road bikes, was the granddaddy of all road bikes; the Trek Limited Edition Livestrong Madone SL. The price tag boasted four nines to the left of the decimal point, and two to the right — $9999.99 (the website lists the price as $9499.99, which goes to show you that you can always save money by shopping the ‘net!)

The bike is a hand-built replica (number 4 of 600) of the bike that Lance Armstrong used to win the Tour de France last year. And it is a work of art. Carbon fiber and titanium everything, with gold leaf embellishments just for fun. Each bike is even signed by the Lance himself.

It was hanging up, on display, so I couldn’t pick it up to get a feel for how little it weighs. I’d love to find out how light it is. I doubt I could ever bring myself to ride it, even if I could afford it. I’d be afraid I’d break something.



  1. Wahhooo!!!!! Finally someone who shares both passions at the same time… My Trek has served me well on the road for several 10’s of thousand k’s as a training bike – absolutely bulletproof. If only my track bike was as good, but maybe that’s cause I’m changing wheels and chainrings several times a session…

  2. Here here on owning a trek. Own a 91/92?? Trek 2100 carbon tubing. Also own a Cervelo P2K and a GT pantera MTB.

    BTW, the bike can only be so light -IF- its the same one Lance rode. The UCI has limits to such things.

    –quote– the UCI in 2000 passed a rule limiting the weight of bikes that could be raced in UCI-sanctioned events. That limit still stands: 6.8kg, or 14.96lb. –end quote from–

    Sorry don’t share your love for macs though; computers and looking pretty mean nothing to me. Take the money out of designing a cool case and cover and packaging and put it towards better inerds. IMHO of course. Each to their own.

  3. Dave – I just bought #51 yesterday and it is amazing! I was expecting buyer’s remorse but I have only gotten giddier by the hour. It rides beautifully – my first carbon bike – and just makes you want to climb hills. Plus, you feel an obligation to ride and climb with all your might, lest you look like more of a poser than you really are! It weighs about 16 pounds with the clinchers, and about 15 if you have the carbon tubulars on it. the gold is shiny and beautiful, but the signature is a big mess of lines. I’m going to have to sell my other bikes now, but it is fun to be on a part of history while helping the Foundation and riding a perfect bike. If you are ever in the bay area… Allan (

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