By Deane Barker on May 5, 2005

Embraer branches out into growing microjet sector: This looks interesting. I’m guessing it’s like a big Cessna, just with jets instead of props.

Embraer’s planned microjet — also called a very light jet — is slated to be available in mid-2008. The plane will carry up to eight passengers and will have a range of about 1,300 miles. Price: $2.75 million.

The business models are popping up all over:

Last month, former software executive Ed Iacobucci unveiled plans for a new flight service to be known as DayJet. Using microjets from Eclipse, DayJet will provide flights between midsize cities for customers who book their future travel needs at the company Web site.

People Express founder Donald Burr and former American Airlines CEO Robert Crandall are launching another on-demand flight service in the Northeast called Pogo.

I flew a little charter once, from Sioux Falls to Minneapolis, that seated about seven people. I can’t imagine sticking jets on something that small.