Smarty for Dreamweaver

By Deane Barker on May 5, 2005

SmartyDWT – A Smarty Dreamweaver Tags Extension: I love Smarty, and Dreamweaver is probably the most competent WYSIWYG editor around today. Put them both together, and:

The extension adds a insert menu, a insert bar, code formating rules and icons for smarty tags that are visible in dreamweavers design view. The file extension and document type ‘tpl’ is added.

The PHP class extends the Smarty class. It adds prefiltering which is needed to convert all smarty tags used within dreamweaver to the standard tag format used within smarty.




  1. Any chance you could share this download with me. The Link that you have is broken, well the site doesn’t load. I really want to check this out as I’m experimenting with Smarty right now. If so, please shoot me an email at

    Thanks! BTW, nice blog.

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