Vacuum Elevators

By Deane Barker on May 1, 2005

Vacuum Elevators: Man, these look cool. Check out the videos.



  1. In benefits: “Be On the Cutting edge!”

    Yeah, that’s OK, thanks. I’ll let someone else be on the cutting edge of elevators, and I’ll stay right back here on whatever edge it is where it gets me to my floor, and doesn’t suck my eyeballs out if it gets a crack in the roof of the elevator car.

  2. one major flaw – which is admitted in the first FAQ – this lift cannot fit a wheelchair.

    that will greatly inhibit its success, as small lifts are often installed primarily for wheelchair access…

    That leads me to conclude that this elevator sucks. :o)

  3. I saw one of these during a homeshow once… Rather slow, seemed to be more for the wow factor than anything… Though In a larger house like this one was it made sense… The stairs were a little bit away, and this thing went all the way to the 3rd floor if I remember right (well, second, but the elevator was in the basement). So kids could go to the home theatre rather easily from their bedrooms on the top floor… neat effect too… very 70s spy show…

  4. At least this is safer than the open elevator upon the Jupiter II (lost in space).

    I wonder if a sprial/helical staircase can be put around it too?

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