God is Back

By on April 30, 2005

Remember the billboards from God? In 1998 there was an ad campaign started in Florida by an anonymous donor that featured simple one or two line “quotes” signed by God. Nothing flashy… white type on a black background, but the quotes were witty and poignant. The campaign proved to be so popular that others picked up the idea & took it nation-wide, usually with the billboard owners putting the messages up for free.

Now the campaign has been resurrected, along with an equally well done website, GodSpeaks.com. There you can find all of the sayings that were used on the 1998 and 2005 campaigns, a history of the campaign, and even spiritual guidance & testimony. Nothing preachy or condemning. It doesn’t appear to be tied to any specific denomination or church, but the message does come from an evangelical Christian point of view.