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By on April 28, 2005

Engadget and Anandtech note a wonderful example of the idea that products are worth what you tell people they’re worth:

[…] Dell’s 2005fpw and Apple’s 20-inch Cinema Display use the exact same LG.Philips LCD (literally, it’s part# LM201W01). Of course, that 100%+ price differential can be a bit hard to swallow with the Dell going for as little as $350 on sale, and the Apple only today cutting their prices on the screen to $800 […]

Dell’s 20 inch display and Apple’s use the exact same LCD. And yet, if you set the Apple on your desk, everyone who dropped by would fawn over it for it’s superior engineering, while people would only want to know if you got a good deal on the Dell, if they said anything at all. The extra $450 is basically money spent buying a name (I suppose the marketing folks would say, “Buying a lifestyle”).



  1. Joe, tell them about the flat-panel monitor you bought. Great deal, but I forget the brand. Our Mac user even prefers this monitor over the Apple flat-panel she has at home.

  2. Oh come on you guys… You’re not just buying a name. For the extra cash you’re getting that LCD wrapped in brushed aluminum coolness that will perfectly complement the brushed aluminum coolness of the G5 parked next to it. If you can put up with cheesy plastic…

    Ok, truth be told, I’d probably opt for the plastic over the brushed aluminum. Although I’ll happily pay what you guys would consider a premium to get an Apple computer, I won’t bother with Apple’s displays. They’ve never done a very good job with that aspect of the business, and most thinking people don’t bother with their displays.

  3. Overpriced hardware or no, I’m still buying my first Mac tomorrow after Tiger is official (a Mini).

  4. hello joe, i have to correct you about the prices – at least in germany … Apple Cinema Display: EUR 749,00 Dell 2005FPW: EUR 869,00

    if i compare this, then i have to buy (if i would be planning to) the apple display! it�s nicer AND cheaper …

    cheers, michael

  5. Michael, but Dell’s never sell for list price. There are coupons almost daily for things like “40% off + $200 off + Free Shipping”.

    I don’t think anyone has ever paid MSRP for a Dell monitor.

  6. Are you quite sure? Dell’s 20 inch wide screen (P/N: 2005FPW 1680 x 1050) is sold on the Dell store for $749, The least expensive (non-refurbushed price that I could find was $589). Apple’s wide screen (P/N M9177LL/A) sells for $799 ($779 other places). So the difference is actually 32% (comparing best prices found on the web) or 6.6 percent comparing prices from Dell and Apple. Someone may have found a refurbushed dell on sale somewhere for $350 (Tiger direct had a refurb at $489).

    Let’s compare prices of MP3 hard drive players….

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