Google Groups: Faster?

By Deane Barker on April 26, 2005

Google Groups must have gotten much faster at some point. In the past, when you posted a message, you got all kinds of text afterwards telling you it was going to be, like, six hours until your message got posted.

But today, I got this:
And, sure enough, my post was there instantly. That’s an improvement. (BTW, here’s my post, if anyone wants to take a stab at helping me.)



  1. Usage Note: Momentarily is widely used in speech to mean “in a moment,” as in The manager is on another line, but she’ll be with you momentarily. This usage rarely leads to ambiguity since the intended sense can usually be determined on the basis of the tense of the verb and the context. Nonetheless, many critics hold that the adverb should be reserved for the senses “for a moment,” and the extended usage is unacceptable to 59 percent of the Usage Panel.

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