Honda Civic Home Refueling System

By Deane Barker on April 22, 2005

Honda Offers Home-Fuel System for Natural-Gas Civic: Just in time for Earth Day! Not only can you buy a natural gas-powered Civic, but you can fill it up in your own garage now.

The Phill system attaches to residential natural-gas lines and takes about eight hours to refill a car […] The Civic GX natural-gas model can travel 200 to 220 miles after a full refueling, about half the range of a gasoline-engine Civic sedan.

Still doesn’t help you if you’re caught out of gas away from home, but it’s a step in the right direction.



  1. Speaking of Earth Day, can you help spread the word that it IS NOT 25 TRILLION styrofoam cups thrown away by Americans each year. It is 25 BILLION. Granted that’s still a lot, but I heard the trillion number on the radio today and also found numerous sites online stating the same fact (

    25 trillion is 100,000 cups per American per year 25 billion is 100 cups per American per year

    I’ll do my part and switch to a coffee cup regardless. Please do the same!

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