Opera Revenue

By Deane Barker on April 20, 2005

Opera Web browser ups security: This is from a CNN article about the latest release of Opera.

Opera says it has 10 million users of its previous browsers, but only 100,000 have paid 34 euros ($44.08) for a version excluding advertisements. Most others use a free version.

One hundred thousand users at $44 a head is $4.4 million. I don’t see how the company can survive on that, unless there’s another income source I’m unaware of.

We’re talked about the future of Opera (or lack of a future) before. Shortly thereafter, an article in Wired painted a rosy picture of Opera in the embedded market.



  1. Sure they have other income. The free version of the browser is ad-supported. They’re certainly not giving those ads away for free. They’re also licensing to mobile phone manufacturers and doing very well in that market, from what I understand. According to their current front page, they’ve also licensed adobe to use the Opera web engine within it’s products.

    All in all, they seem to be doing a great job of fitting their product into a growing number of niches. Sounds like a good step towards ensuring long-term growth to me.

  2. Well its nice to know that there are other people interested in Opera Browser, although im assuming many of you are opera users or users disinterested in IE and looking for a better product. Opera actually is a public company and releases its financial information on its site.


    i cut and paste the url twice just in case :P

    can anybody tell me what TNOK means? I just need to understand that acronym in order to understand its revenue statement.

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