.pro Loophole

By Deane Barker on April 13, 2005

Co. Finds Loophole on ‘.pro’ Web Names: I’m not completely clear on how the “.pro” TLD was supposed to work. This article talks about how, if you were a lawyer, you could get a “mycompany.law.pro” name, provided you had the correct proof that were indeed a law firm.

Well, good intentions aside, there’s a company that is letting anyone buy “.pro” names.

But last month, EnCirca Inc. began offering second-level names without the third-level requirement and said any profession at all could get one. It also expanded the service beyond the four countries in which credentialing procedures had been established.

ICANN responded by saying this company “violates the spirit” of the “.pro” extension. Gosh, that’ll get them to stop.



  1. Tonight the person who heads up EnCirca Inc. will be visited by the Spirit of the .pro Extension. Along with the Spirit of the .org Extension (past), and the Spirit of the .whatever Extension (future), it will teach an important lesson about life… one should not expect a certified law firm to care about anything that’s not legally binding.

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