Minolta Test Drive

By Deane Barker on April 11, 2005

KONICA MINOLTA Test Drive Form: The problem with buying printers online is that you can never see what they print before you buy. Minolta is trying to change this.

Send us your file and we will print it on the printer of your choice and send you the sample! It’s SIMPLE! Just fill out the form below and send us your file on CD-ROM or zip disk.



  1. I received some custom samples from the Minolta (online), Okidata (online), and Xerox (local dealer). None of them are as nice as the color prints from our new Dell 3100cn which I got for $389 with a coupon code from currentcodes.com. It does not print fast 25bw/5color and only does letter and legal but the printing is very nice. Much sharper than the $1,000 color printers mentioned above.

    After the purchase of our first dell I replaced my Brother Fax/Copier/Printer with a Dell 1600n laser. It rocks as well. They both has solid cases as well as network and web servers built-in.

    I know Lexmark is working with Dell to make the printers. however you can not purchase a Lexmark with the same specs as the Dell for the price Dell is selling them.

    Take my advice on this one. The $300-400 Minolta Color printers you find at OfficeMax and SamsClub are not worth the money. Save up and get a Dell or if you need serious color printing get a Xerox DocuColor 12 ($12k).

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