Packt Pays Royalties to Open Source Projects

By Deane Barker on April 6, 2005

Open Source Receives Royalties Boost: This is an awfully cool thing. Most of Packt’s books are on open-source stuff, and a lot of them are on projects for which no other books have been written. Good to see them support the projects which provide them with subjects for their books.

[…] Packt Publishing is paying royalties from each book they sell to the open source project it is written on.

The company has published on, and subsequently given to, a number of open source projects including eZ publish, Plone and phpMyAdmin. Marc Delisle from the phpMyAdmin project explains that amongst other things their support has “helped the team to be present at various conferences in order to promote phpMyAdmin.”

Nicely done, chaps. Bravo.

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