GoDaddy’s Bob Parsons vs. NTIA

By Deane Barker on April 1, 2005

Go Daddy Promotes Privacy Fight: I have some domains hosted with GoDaddy, and I got a scathing letter from the president — a guy by the name of Bob Parsons — about a recent NTIA decision:

A February decision by the US Department of Commerce requires new registrants of .US domains to submit their phone numbers and addresses for listing in publicly searchable databases.

More on that decision.

Here’s some of the letter. He went ballistic — it was way, way more impassioned than anything you expect to get from your domain registrar:

Today I have the unfortunate responsibility of informing you that there has been a decision made by bureaucrats of a Federal agency that takes away your right to privacy as guaranteed by the United States Constitution. […]

I personally find it ironic that our right to .US privacy was stripped away, without due process […] For the NTIA to choose the .US extension is the ultimate slap in your face.

Here’s his personal blog and a Web site devoted to the cause.



  1. While i think they have a right to insist public registration for a us domain if they want to make it equvalent of .gov or something, seems a bit crude to insist this upon already registered domains upon renewal.

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