By Deane Barker on March 30, 2005

Unswitch?: Tim Bray is getting upset with Apple’s new commitment to secrecy and litigation. He’s talking about “unswitching.”

My big gripe with Apple, of course, is their cult of hermetic secrecy. We at Sun and our esteemed competitors up in Redmond are engaged in a grand experiment: what happens when you dramatically increase a company’s transparency? Initial results are pretty good for both of us. Apple’s approach is of course, exactly the opposite. They control the message, nothing that’s not part of the message can be said, nobody is allowed to say anything except for Steve, and they’ll sue your ass if you step out of bounds.

This is the latest in a lot of talk I’ve heard about Apple becoming the new Microsoft, in that they’re going to crap all over their fans and user base in the name of big business. Is this what happens as market share increases?

Via Kottke.



  1. New commitment to secrecy and litigation? No way. Apple has always been this secretive; it’s only recently that Steve has put his foot down regarding leaks.

    I don’t like the action they took against ThinkSecret any more than the next guy, but no matter how it comes out, you can bet that anybody signing an Apple NDA will think twice about leaking what they know.

    The litigation issue seems to be Bray’s primary motivation to unswitch; given his listed cons for unswitching, I predict he’ll stay with the Apple.

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