MGM v. Grokster

By Deane Barker on March 29, 2005’s Grokster Case At a Glance: Big Supreme Court case today — MGM v. Grokster. This is considered by many to be the showdown in the file sharing and P2P frontier. The ruling here will have huge reverberations on both the entertainment and Internet industries.

This article has a good wrap-up.

So far, lower courts have ruled that the defendants in the case — Grokster and StreamCast Networks — can’t be held responsible for what users do with their software, even if that includes illegally downloading copyrighted songs, films and software products.

For their sake, I hope Big Media has got a better attorney than the last time they lost. I heard an MP3 of the arguments (available at the link), and their guy was just destroyed by the other side (I think it was a EFF or someone that was fronting the counsel). The media attorney seemed like a total amateur.