By Deane Barker on March 27, 2005

Is anyone else watching this show? We’ve talked before about how Alias was a big geek tech show, and this one is the same, but less with the tech and more with the geek.

Don is an FBI agent. His brother Charlie is a world-class mathmetician who can apply numbers to any problem, like predicting where bank robbers will strike next or tracking a rapist to his home by examining the pattern of his crimes.

It’s well done. The show does a good job of visualizing the math on-screen and explaining the theories behind the equations. They actually make it seem interesting, though I don’t know how legitimate any of the math actually is.

At the heart of the show is the geek Charlie, who always seems shell-shocked when his sterile equations lead to showdowns with real people, bullets, and blood. I had to crack a smile in episode two when he actually used the ubiquitous Windows game Minesweeper to explain to a colleague why he had made an error in his last analysis.

It seems to be a hit for CBS, which is good. But I like it, which is bad since every show I like invariably gets cancelled.



  1. I love this show, its very entertaining even though its the 30th cop show on the air lately. According to an article in the latest Wired the show is doing very well and the math is constantly check and it very accurate.

  2. I love that show. My sister (a statistician) and her boyfriend (a physicist) watch the show every week trying to debunk the math and are largely unsuccessful. The only problem I’ve had was its unrealistic portrayal of computer security in the episode with Riemann’s Hypothesis.

  3. [Minesweeper to explain to a colleague why he had made an error in his last analysis.]

    Geek check!

    Actually, it’s a Mac OSX ‘version’ of a Windows game. The Mac OSX ‘Dock’ is clearly visible at the bottom of the game window. Not the least of which, there’s a big ‘iPod’-like sticker slapped over the Apple logo on the lid.

  4. I love this show so much. even though half the cases are really unrealistic, they actually make it seem like it is real. Besides, i dont care if it is geeky, david krumholtz (charlie) is the hottest thing on TV, so ill keep watching it for that reason alone.

  5. This show is awesome!!! I watch every episode. But my question is how come Charlie never gets attacked or hurt? I like to see my main character in trouble and then my second main character ( which my 2nd main character is don) save him

  6. hey i love numb3rs its not jus a geeky math show… its a crime solving show… and i love both the brothers don and charlie who star in it!!!

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