Net Disaster

By Deane Barker on March 27, 2005

Netdisaster: Utterly pointless, but very fun to play with.



  1. That’s pretty funny, I clicked the link off the RSS feed so I didn’t see the picture you posted ahead of time. Of course, I nuked

  2. Yes!!! I just nuked Wiped them off the web completely. The Mac OS will soon take its rightful place as the dominant computing platform.

  3. Sorry Dave, but I just spilled coffee all over and their Fisher-Price technology didn’t stand a chance. Damndest thing. Shorted right out.

  4. This game was taken down because google thought that the “text sucker”, one of the fun gadgets in the game that takes all the words off the page, thought that it was REALLY taking information, SO they took it off! ITS JUST A GAME, IT IS IN NO WAY REAL, NOT A HACKING WEBSITE, BUT OF COURSE, GOOGLE TOOK IT OFF. Anways, the game may or may not come back, lets just hope that game kicked ass.

  5. the REAL website is this: yahoo and ebay shut it down they were thinking it was a hacking website or something it is a really fun game we need to donate so we can get him/she who owns to buy website scrips or something if he gets enough he could buy some of the website scrips and get alowed to let people do there thing on the websites there aloud to hope this helped!!

  6. It is just a game. Would you prefer someone unleashing his anger he or she has against a website with no real attacks or eventually a real attack on the website? This could be used as anti-stress tool as long as it doesn’t encourage the user to become a real cracker, in the dark side. For the others, this is just for fun! Not everyone wants to hack any website they want. There are more violent games that are sold in which you destroy the world and they are not all banned or suspended! It would depend of the creator’s motive. If all he wanted was to entertain people, then I am ok with this. If he wanted people to use as an anti-stress tool, it’s ok. If that’s to attract users to become an hacker from the dark side, then it’s not ok! We could say the same thing about the usual Call of Duty or Counter Strike. Do we see everyone with a gun to kill all what they see? No. Then, it should be able to come back. I think that some perception should be rechecked and more discussion should be done between the creator and the person who wanted it removed instead of a closure without any communications. Errors can be made but that’s not a reason to not attempt to repair anything if their claim is proven to be false.

  7. i like this type of tricks and i hope that u will issue this type of more tricks thanks alot

  8. yaeh ummm… ok hi sooo… this netdisaster thing has gone to far and it’s spreding all over the city sooo… we really got to stop it but I don’t have any plans sooo… thats why I’m posting this comment here sooo… the next person who reads this like has to post a comment with plans to shut down Ebay sooo… ok just because I say so very much doesn’t mean I’m stoopid okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay I’m just looking for lots and lots and lots of info wait I really do need info ok no more of this monky busniss well you don’t need to tell me all of info you know I know some info HA I told you I’m not stoopid go whoops your not suppose to know my name hehehe now heres the info I know so this is not a game this is not a website this is not a massive destruction activity directed by XGen studios this is not even in http:// or e.g. it was a webmaster activity it’s fun for webmasters so some how we half to bring it back and this is justice and then we can go get a coffee or something ok are you with me oh never mind we’ll talk about this later now for more info well Ebay didn’t half to shut down netdisaster even if they didn’t shut down netdisaster they are still bad ok this isn’t a real word but some kind of thing called website-payback will shut down Ebay so don’t worry if you own a website it wont shut down only if you go to some locked website releasing website and click on the box that says release website then they will be going crazy and stuff like that now I’m going to continue my info netdisaster kind of deserves to be shut down not alot just a little because they were destorying google and stuff like that just be careful now this is the end of my comment sooo… bye whoever is reading this comment see-ya!

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