AdSense Gets You Indexed Faster

By Deane Barker on March 24, 2005

Here’s something that may not be common knowledge to a lot of people: having Google Adsense ads on your page gets you indexed faster. Here’s why:

I made a post the other night about the PHP templating language Smarty. I published it in Movable Type, then viewed the permalink page. I’m quite sure I was the first one to view the permalink page.

The AdSense ads took longer than normal to pop-up — perhaps five full seconds. When they did show up, they were for ColdFusion hosting providers. This fits since I mentioned ColdFusion in several places in the text of the entry.

But think about what happened. The JavaScript on the page contacted Google for ads. Google realized it did not have this page in its index — remember the page was only published 10 seconds prior. So Google indexed the page that very second to determine what ads needed to be returned to the AdSense JavaScript. Essentially, the appearance of AdSense ads on the page forced Google to index the page right at that moment.

Getting a benefit from this assumes, of course, that the AdSense subsystem in Google then “hands off” the results of its page processing to the main Google index. But why wouldn’t it?

Again, this may be old news, but this entry jumped to number one on Google for the phrase “Tivo Effect” in less than 48 hours. That doesn’t seem natural to me.



  1. Possibly, but I’m not so sure. I have no google adds, but one day after posting a funny story that mentioned Ike barinholtz, and having mentioned “nude” somewhere else on the front page, I was the top hit for a search of that term. Sadly, I don’t think It brought me any new readers. :)

  2. I wish that were true. Based on my research and according to Google’s policy, there is no correlation between carrying AdSense code and being indexed faster. As I understand, there are two sets of crawlers that do not talk to each other at all. Contrary to your experience, we have had pages not indexed for days even though great ads popped up within seconds of publishing.

  3. That’s interesting. If they are two crawlers that don’t share data, I wonder if it’s to avoid any appearance of favoritism to AdSense customers?

  4. if you have access to server logs, you should look at the user agent on all your requests around that time and spot what kind of google crawler bot hit your server. you should be able to distinguish the adsense bot from the regular search bot.

  5. I’m not so sure about this I think adsense uses its own bot, which may have nothing to do with the google search bot. I’ve experienced the exact reverse of you, I’ve had pages where the adds were crawled but the page was not in the Google index.

  6. Ya what Limpid Blast said is probably the only way to find out whats really going on. That said I have heard that ad words will get a page crawled but then you have to pay google for ad words. So in this case they may be forced to crawl you. Just my two sense.

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