Security Through Ubiquity

By on March 23, 2005

When presented with the task of securing his new Mac Mini in a public place Matt put it where nobody would look for it. In a box nobody would steal.

I didn’t have a way to lockdown my new Mac Mini, but I did have an old Dell case I wasn’t using anymore. After gutting the drive bays, it was almost a perfect fit.


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  1. “In a box nobody would steal.”

    Actually, it looks like he put it in the box for a Dell Optiplex. I love those machines. We had four of five of them at that place we all used to work. 9025, 9026, etc. Great machines. I have one here at the office. It’s 733 MHz, but runs like it was twice that fast — no idea why.

    I’d steal it. I’d probably be disappointed when I found the Mini inside.

  2. matt: In theory, because of “ubiquity” no; because the Dell boxen are ubiquitous they are everywhere, all look the same, you’d never know which one was the “real” one.

    I’m with Deane though, Optiplex boxes aren’t/weren’t too shabby really.

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