By Deane Barker on November 3, 2002

Think of as a semi-intelligent version of JackAss. It’s the continuing story of a guy named Rob who does…interesting things. For instance:

  • He tore apart an old mattress and mounted the springs to an old pair of sneakers then tried to dunk.
  • He details a week he spent trying to start a fire the way the Boy Scouts claim you can.
  • He toasted several loaves of bread, buttered them all, and spent hours dropping them to calculate how often they fall buttered side down.
  • He made up a fake sign for McDonald’s Baked Apple Pie and put it in a bunch of McDonald’s drive-thru menu stands. His sign had a picture of Jason Biggs, and if you’ve ever seen American Pie, you’ll understand why this is funny.

The site is just a collection of stupid things this guy has done, complete with photos and running commentary. So, it’s like Jackass, just not as dangerous and mean-spirited. And he never does anything that really hurts or embarrassed anyone else, so it’s all in good fun. I couldn’t stop laughing.



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