By Deane Barker on March 19, 2005

Xmultiple.com: From the article I linked to previously, this Flash drive will let you plug another one into its back-end, and it will automatically copy files to it.

With FlashPoint ShareDrive the pen drive will also have a subdirectory called “Share” which is the file that all files will copy from when you attach to FlashPoint drives together and copy files. In addition, because it is a hub, you can simply plug another device into the female connector and it recognizes more than one device.

What could you use this for, I wonder? What files do you have that you have a burning need to copy to people all the time without a computer? A vCard maybe? An iCal file? I can’t think of much else.



  1. If you could get it to work from a camera, it would be great. I was just thinking the other day that if you could have one of those external laptop drives that can fit in your bag and be able to just plug it into your camera & it pulls all the images off the card & wipes the card it would be great.

    Of course the card manufacturers would hate it :)

  2. This flash drive will do just that. I work with Xmultiple here in California and this is one of the good things about being “self powered”. You can dump images from a camera to the FlashPoint share drive or MP3 files from digital players. Almost anything that would have taken a computer to accomplish can be done using the FlashPoint.

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