North Carolina’s Battle Over Solitaire

By Deane Barker on March 19, 2005

Is that a spreadsheet on your screen — or solitaire?: A North Carolina lawmaker wants to ban Solitaire. And — in the words of the guy from Fark — there’s still no cure for cancer.

Senator Allran wants the state to erase the free game modules from all its computers — the digital version of throwing the deck in the trash can. The plan, he says, will save taxpayers millions in gained productivity — not to mention soothing their angst over secretaries and executives’ long hours clicking digital decks.

[…] But for the country’s burgeoning crop of workers who spend their days staring into computer screens, the notion of taking personal downtime on the company machine — and the company dime — can be an expression of individuality in a world where work and play are increasingly blurred. And sometimes, they say, it’s the only way to muddle through the daily grind.