The ASCII-ized World

By on March 17, 2005

While tidying up some files on my hard drive — slow day today — I bumped into a copy of the ASCII Matrix movie clip that we wrote about a while back (was it really that long ago?) After watching it a couple of times I got to wondering where it came from (did I mention it was a slow day?)

After a little digging I came across; very clever site design, all in monospaced text, of course. It’s not clear whether this guy came up with this work or not (I’m not sure what language this guy speaks, but thankfully most of the menu items are pretty understandable) but some of it, especially the “Animationen” is amazing. Check out Spiderman as an example. The ASCII Matrix movie clip is there under Movies, along with three other Matrix clips, and clips from several other titles, like Spiderman, Ice Age, Terminator, X-Men &amp: Stargate. He’s even made a clip of one of my favorite animated shorts, Pixar’s “For the Birds”.

I’m not sure how he’s made these ASCII movies; my best guess is that he used something like ASCII Generator to convert one frame at a time into text. Or maybe it’s magic.

Another neat toy that links to is an ASCII sig line generator; key in whatever text you’d like to have ASCII-ized, customize it, and plug it into your e-mail signatures.

Now, back to work!



  1. If you have mplayer and the aalib you can play any movie (that mplayer can play) in ascii mode.

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