Blog Spam

By Deane Barker on March 17, 2005

What’s to stop people from spamming Feedster and other blog search engines? At what point does a blog entry cease to become “real” and crosses the line into shilling for a product or company?

I found this today. While searching for a particular term over at Feedster, I found several “blog entries” that were nothing but thinly veiled advertisements. They had the veneer of independent thought, but as you read them, it was obvious that they were pitching one thing or another. So these people essentially spammed Feedster.

And where is the line? On this site, we’ve talked glowingly about EditPlus, PowerGrep, PHPRunner, Image Genius, and lots of books, but they were honest representations of how we thought. And we stood to gain nothing by posting them.

Is that the litmus test? If you stand to gain nothing, then it’s okay? But if you have a financial interest, then it’s not okay?

We tend to look at the “blogosphere” as this pure environment, but it’s bound to get crapped up by spam sooner or later. It’s already happened for penis enlargement. Everything is bound to follow.



  1. Maybe a “NoShillZone” blog-level tag, that carries consequences for those who use it fraudulently?

    Anything without an immune system is going to get parasitized into uselessness when it gets big enough to attract the parasites’ attention.

  2. Blog spamming is so lame. You should post the names and/or companies who participate in blog spam on my site, It’s a GREAT way to get even – wait til that person “Googles” himself and there he is on the Ass Cancer List — a permanent record. Revenge tastes so sweet, and this brings “Google Bombing” to a whole new level.

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